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Yikes! My child won’t eat!
As parents, one of the top worries is your child’s health, especially if you are feeding enough. If a child refuses a meal, usually that is enough to cause panic! Most children enjoy new things so you can try cutting what they don’t like, vegetables for example, into small pieces or shape the food into interesting shapes and characters to increase their willingness to eat. If none of these tricks work, then you may need to relook at their overall eating habits and adjust accordingly. Avoid snacks and juice before meal, have meal times at regular times, and these changes may help to reduce abdominal bloating and indigestion. When your child really does not have any appetite, don’t force the issue too hard too as children’s spleen and stomach functions may not have matured fully. With weaker spleen and stomach and stuffy hot temperatures or some bad dietary habits, it may be normal that they don’t want to eat anything during regular meal times. Aside from drinking a cup of rice water daily, try making this tea remedy to strengthen the spleen and stimulate appetite.
Stomach Bloating Tea Remedy-
Ingredients: 1 ear of corn (with silk), 10g malt, 10 rice sprouts, 10g lophatherum, rock sugar to taste
Preparation method: Rinse all ingredients thoroughly. Remove husks from corn and cut into pieces. Combine ingredients with 1000 ml of water in a pot, and place over high heat until the water boils. Switch to low heat and simmer for 30 minutes. Add in rock sugar to taste.
Effects: Suitable for those with indigestion, lack of appetite and post-meal abdominal bloating. For best results, drink consecutively for 3-4 days.
Note: This tea contains malt which aids with wean

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