September 25, 2019

【總是會見紅】 究竟是不是損了?



CheckCheckCin: 很多女性會以為是因過程中有損傷才流血,但其實在中醫理論是一種症狀,稱之為「交接出血」,即每逢性交時又或是性交後會有陰道流血的症狀。一般而言,這種出血的血量不多。而初有性經驗的女性,偶爾有這種情況其實並沒有大礙,但是經常都有出血的症狀,就要注意了。這種情況可發生於任何年齡層的女性,中醫認為這主要與肝腎陰虛有關,肝腎陰虧,陰虛內熱而灼傷脈絡,絡傷血溢所致。男女行房耗氣傷陰,如果本身是陰虛體質更容易出現性交時或性交後陰道出血,多會伴隨頭暈耳鳴、眼乾、失眠、多夢等症狀,適度滋陰降火可紓緩此種情況。要注意的是,假如你除了出血還有其他症狀如伴有腹痛,或血量很多,就要立即求醫,有可能是子宮內膜異位,甚至是更嚴重的婦科疾病的早期症狀。


Is it normal to bleed during sex?
“I noticed that I have vaginal bleeding when having sex with my husband. I thought it was menstruation at first. However, it happens again and again. Is there something wrong?”

CheckCheckCin: Many women think that it is an injury related bleeding during the act, but in fact, it is a symptom of contact bleeding within Chinese medicine theory. In general, this type of bleeding is not heavy. For women who have sexual experience at first, this situation is not a serious problem, but ladies have to pay attention if it happens often. This situation can occur in women of any age. Chinese medicine believes that this is mainly related to liver and kidney yin deficiency, causing internal heat that hurts the meridians resulting in bleeding. Having sex consumes qi and yin. Those with yin deficiency are prone to bleed during or after having sex, often accompanied by dizziness, tinnitus, dry eyes, insomnia, and frequent dreams. Moderately nourishing yin and clearing heat can alleviate this kind of situation. It should be noted that if you have other symptoms besides bleeding, such as abdominal pain, or a lot of blood, you should seek medical advice immediately. It may be an endometriosis or even an early symptom of a more serious gynecological disease.

Tea remedy to nourish yin and clear heat
Ingredients: 9g American ginseng, 15g wolfberries, 1 fig
Preparation: put dried ingredients into thermos and rinse with boiling water. Then steep with hot water for 10 minutes until flavour develops.

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