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秋風送爽讓人感到舒暢無比,但隨之而來的是咽乾喉涸、聲音沙啞、皮膚乾燥甚至咳嗽,這也是乾燥氣候在作怪 。中醫理論認為過份乾燥就會成為燥邪,燥能抽乾身體裡的津液,令身體失於濡潤,出現燥熱症狀,是為「秋燥」。要減少秋燥對身體的影響,可以從飲食方面入手,透過以下兩招抗秋燥大法,挑選合適食物以調整身體機能。

第一招 潤肺養陰

第二招 減辛增酸

Dietary tips to relieve autumn dryness
The autumn wind is cool and refreshing, but it also brings dry throat, coarse voice, dry skin and even coughing. This is due to the dry weather. Chinese medicine believes that excessive dryness can lead to the dry pathogens. Dryness can drain fluid in the body, causing the body to lose its moisture and lead to heat and dry symptoms. To reduce the impact of autumn dryness on the body, you can start from diet adjustments with the following two measures and select the right food to optimize the body function.

Tip 1- moistens lungs and nourishes yin 
Autumn qi is connected with the lungs. The lungs in Chinese medicine includes the respiratory tract, water metabolism and immunity. The lungs are “connect with the nose and the outer skin”, and the dryness can invade from the nose and skin. Dryness harms and easily consumes fluids, so our nose, trache, throat, lungs, and skin are prone to have problems during autumn. To alleviate the discomfort caused by autumn dryness, in addition to drinking plenty of water to moisturise, it is important to moisten the lungs and nourish yin by eating more ingredients that can moisten lungs, promote fluid, nourish yin and moisten dryness. These ingredients are pear, snow fungus, American ginseng, lily bulb, sesame, honey, loquat, dendrobium, almonds, sea coconut, radix ophiopogonis, radix adenophorae, etc.

Tip 2- less spicy, more sour
The humidity of the autumn air drops, the body fluid is evaporates at an accelerated rate, and it is easy to cause dry mouth, sore throat, cough, constipation and other symptoms. Therefore, avoid eating spicy and fried foods, to slow down the consumption of body fluid due to autumn dryness. It is also necessary to avoid eating foods that consume yang qi, such as ginger, green onions, garlic, peppers and other spicy dishes, in order to comply with the autumn chilling convergence situation.
In autumn, you should eat more “sour” foods. Sour foods have the effect to suppress sweating. Sour foods can also stimulate the body to secrete more body fluid to relieve dryness. Try to have more sour foods such as orange, yuzu, grapes, pomegranate, strawberry, and tomato to alleviate the dryness and discomfort of autumn.

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