April 2, 2018

【假期症後群】 跟住做,開心的回歸現實!



假期症後群除了身體上因為體力透支而出症狀外,其實心情也是很重要的一環。在假期最後一天開始,人已經有點抑鬱,而且緊接的幾個月都沒有長假,心情又怎會好? 以下教大家幾個輕鬆小方法,踢走假期的抑鬱! ✔ Plan定下一個假期﹣人最重要是有希望!為自己定下一個新目標,才有動力努力工作! ✔ 切忌自我要求太高﹣剛從假期回來,工作能力自然難以一時回復,所以不要對自己要求太高,先做好今天的事就好,放鬆心情才不會肝鬱! ✔ 假期後清淡飲食﹣放假時大吃大喝,身體積貯了不少壞分子,它們不但會令你長胖,也會令你胃脹、疲累、便秘等。假期後吃清一點,不宜過飽,讓脾胃休息,運化正常自然更醒神! ✔ 動起來﹣愈不做運動人只會愈累,所以想從假期症後群喚醒,更要動起來!相約好朋友們放工後跳跳舞或跑跑步,有朋友相伴,同時做做運動都可令人心情更好!

P.S. 這時候米水及玫瑰花茶也幫到你!



Get rid of those post holiday blues

Post holiday blues happen not only because of your body feeling tired, but your emotions play a big part too. On the last day of holiday, you may start to feel a bit depressed and the thought of not having another long break for a few months can make it worse. Here are a few tips to help you relax and kick those holiday blues!
Start planning your next holiday to give yourself a goal to work towards!

Don’t be too harsh on yourself. It’s hard to just get into all the work after a long break so do what you need to do today to relieve the stress.
Have lighter meals- after all the heavy eating during the hoiday, you don’t only gain weight, but you may also have abdominal bloating, fatigue and constipation. Don’t over eat anymore and let your spleen and stomach rest and get your energy back!

Get moving- lack of exercise can you make even more tired. Find a friend to go for a run or go dancing after work today for some quality time with friends that will benefit your body too!

P. S. This would be a good time to have rice water and rose tea as well!

Rose tea:
4-5 roses and Jasmine flower, steep in hot water for 5 minutes.

Rice water (for one)
Ingredients: 2 tablespoon of red rice, half tablespoon of white rice, half tablespoon coix seeds.
Preparation: rinse all ingredients thoroughly. Combine all ingredients with 800-1000ml of water on high heat until boiling. Turn to low heat and simmer for 20-30 minutes.
Note: cook it daily and finish on same day. Do not store overnight.

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