November 6, 2019






Eating spicy food properly
“The weather is getting cold and I start to crave spicy food. Some people say eating spicy food can help to promote perspiration and dispel dampness, and it is better for the body. Is it true?”

CheckCheckCin: From a Chinese medicine perspective, spicy ingredient does have the function to dispel, promote qi, dispel cold wind flu, promote blood circulation and promote perspiration. There are some common spicy ingredients such as spring onion, ginger, basil, pepper, chili and onion, cilantro, garlic, which are mostly spicy spices. Most of the spicy foods are hot in nature, so they have the effect of dispelling cold and keeping warm. They are especially suitable for those with cold-related body condition or those with yang deficiency and aversion to cold. Some say eating more spicy food can help perspiration and dispel dampness. However it is the very fact that some spicy spices such as ginger and pepper have the effect of promoting perspiration that cause the sweating after consumption. As it is hot in nature, and there is spicy oil in the food, if your body is in a hot-related state, it cannot help to dispel dampness but cause symptoms such as pimple, dry eyes, constipation/diarrhea and strong body odor. You have to pay attention on it!

In addition, it is important to note that following four types of people should not eat spicy food.
1/ Those with stomach discomfort, those prone to stomach pain and abdominal bloating must not eat spicy foods.
2/ Those with liver depression and qi stagnation, spiciness can negatively liver function. Eating more spicy may make you more irritable.
3/ Those with yin deficiency and excessive fire, the asthenic fire of those who stay up late has already risen. Eating spicy foods will worsen the condition.
4/ Those with damp-heat body condition, eating oily and spicy foods will worsen the symptoms, the more you eat, the more serious the damp-heat symptoms become.

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© 2023 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.