October 1, 2017





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Always see poo stuck to the toilet?
When you use public bathrooms, a lot of times you may see poo stuck to the toilet and you can’t help but roll your eyes as it’s quite gross. When you encounter this, it doesn’t mean you’re having an unlucky day, it’s just that the last person to use the toilet has a damp heat body constitution. Hong Kong people usually eat their way to minor issues with their bodies and it’s truly especially for damp-heat body types. Their stool is quite sticky and does not quite have a shape, but it’s also not quite diarrhea. The stool is especially smelly and generally has quite the dirty feeling. So if you happen to run into a toilet with poo stuck to it, forgive the person who caused it since he/she can’t help it. If it happens to you, then you may be damp-heat and be sure to clear heat and dispel dampness!
Tips for those with damp heat bodies:
– Appropriately consume foods that clear hear and dispel dampness such as old cucumber, Chinese okra, coix seeds, mung beans
– Avoid stimulating foods that are oily and spic
– Avoid late nights
– Exercise more to sweat to dispel dampness

#男 #女 #腹瀉 #我疲憊 #濕熱



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