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✔️CheckCheckCin 美茶推介:熱氣

✔️CheckCheckCin 美茶推介:濕重


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Oily hair during summer?
At which point of the day do you like your hair the most? Many would say right after washing or blowing dry their hair because their hair would be silky smooth and nice to the touch. Unfortunately, this ideal condition does not last long. Our scalp would begin to get oily, causing our hair to collapse, develop barcode-like fringes, or even smell!

According to the Chinese Medicine theories, individuals with the damp heat body constitution would develop oily scalp more easily. The habits of consuming oily and savory food and staying up late will disrupt the functions of the spleen and stomach, causing symptoms that relate to damp heat to reflect on the head. Excessive sebum secretion on the scalp will cause hair to feel sticky, and this will cause sores to develop on the scalp and even lead to hair loss.

Having an oily scalp will make us want to wash our hair more frequently, but do note that over washing our hair can cause the scalp to become dry, and in turn encouraging the scalp to secrete more sebum. Washing our hair once or twice a day is sufficient, and we should opt for natural and refreshing shampoos. Apply conditioners along the hair strands and not on the scalp. Also, comb your hair regularly to promote blood circulation.

At the same time, consume ingredients that can clear heat and dispel dampness from the body. These ingredients include winter melon, coix seed, rice bean, corn silk, chrysanthemum, and frangipani. Avoiding raw, cold, deep fried, oily, and heavily seasoned foods can also fix an oily scalp.

✔️CheckCheckCin Healing Tea Recommendation: Very hot (qi)
Ingredients: Plumeria, chrysanthemum bud, spreading hedyotis
Effects: Clears heat and detoxifies. Relieves bad breath, frequent eye discharge, red and dry eyes, frequent loss of temper, scanty or yellowish urine.

✔ CheckCheckCin Recommendation: Dampness
Ingredients: Rice bean, black eyed bean, hyacinth bean coat
Effects: Strengthens the spleen and dispels dampness. Relieves fatigue, tired even after adequate sleep, heaviness in limbs and edema.

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