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Travel around and sleep in the car
Is this bad for health?

“As a driver, I’m always travelling and sleeping in the car. Will this affect my health?”

CheckCheckCin: Travelling and sleeping in the car, or the ‘Shachuhaku’ therapy, has become trendy recently. Many people would drive out of the city to enjoy the personal space in their own vehicles, and some might even treat this as a weekend getaway to relieve stress.

Nevertheless, this kind of lifestyle will have an impact on our health in the long run. According to the Esoteric Scripture of the Yellow Emperor (‘huang di nei jing’), lying down for an extended period can hurt the qi, and long hours of sitting can damage the flesh. A sedentary lifestyle will weaken our muscles and in turns weaken the spleen as they are interrelated. This will further lead individuals to develop the phlegm-dampness body constitution.

Sitting for a long period can disrupt the circulation of the qi and blood, hence causing constipation. We must change our lifestyle if we begin to experience discomfort in our body.

Remember to get down from the car and exercise. Start with 15-minute stretching exercises as it can help improve the circulation of the qi and the blood. When sleeping in the car, remember to lay flat, ensure there is a good air circulation, and keep yourself warm. Drink a cup of rice water every day to help strengthen the spleen and improve your general health.

✔ Recommendation: Dawn Rice Water
Ingredients: Red Rice, Coix Seed, White Rice
Effects: Suitable for the whole family to enhance physical wellbeing, especially those with a weak digestive system or with a phlegm and dampness body type.
Note: Not suitable for pregnant women.

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.