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到了莘莘學子開學的九月份,家長們最關心的是小朋友能持續學習吸收新知識,究竟吃哪種食物可以幫助健腦益智?中醫理論認為「腎藏精生髓,髓聚而為腦」,要有足夠腎精滋養腦髓,才能使腦部發育健全,更能集中精力學習。所以想健腦益智,可以從補腎方向入手,「黑入腎」, 不少黑色食材都有補益腎氣的作用,例如黑芝麻、黑木耳、黑豆、烏雞等,而堅果類食物如核桃、花生、開心果、栗子亦有補腎功效。家長們不妨適量使用這些材料煲湯入饌,或者準備堅果作為小吃,但要注意經烘製的堅果類食物多屬性溫熱,多吃小心上火。

黑芝麻 — 性平,有益肝腎、養血烏髮、潤腸通便功效,可改善早生白髮及皮燥髮枯的問題。

黑木耳 — 性平,具有滋養益胃、補氣強身、涼血活血功效。

黑豆 — 性平,具補腎健脾、利水下氣功效。有助紓緩因腎虛引起的腰痛、水腫、容易抽筋等症狀,適合各種體質人士服用。

烏雞 — 性平,具滋陰清熱及補肝益腎功效,滋補效果比雞較為溫和。

核桃 — 性溫,補腎固精、益氣養血、潤腸通便功效,有助健腦益智,增強記憶力。

花生 — 性平,有補氣潤肺、健脾開胃功效,能改善兒童智力、增強記憶力。適合氣虛、血虛、食慾差或哺乳中的產婦進食,至於陰虛內熱,或內火偏旺者不宜多吃炒花生,以免助熱上火。

開心果 — 性溫,有溫腎暖脾,潤腸通便的功效。老少咸宜,適合氣滯者、寒底人士因胃寒引致的胃痛不適、腹脹、常嘆氣的人食用。

栗子 — 性溫,有養脾健胃功效,更可活血、補腎、強筋骨,能紓緩因脾胃虛寒而出現的胃痛不適等症狀,或因腎虛而引起的腰痠膝軟、夜尿頻多等症狀。要注意食用過量易引起胃脹,因此易飽滯及多胃氣人士不宜多吃。

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Nourish the kidneys to improve your brainpower
September is the time for students to begin a new school year. Parents’ biggest concern will be their children’s ability to absorb new knowledge. What types of food can help improve brainpower?

According to Chinese medicine theories, kidney stores the essence that generates marrow, and the accumulation of marrow forms the brain, therefore it is important to nourish the kidney so it has sufficient essence to encourage the development of the brain.

In order to boost brainpower further, we should start by nourishing the kidney, as the saying goes ‘black enters the kidney,’. Many black ingredients can replenish the qi of the kidney, like black sesame, white back black fungus, black bean and black-boned chicken.

Nuts such as walnut, peanut, pistachio and chestnut also share similar properties. Parents can consider adding these ingredients to soups, or serving nuts as snacks. Do note that baked nuts are warm in nature, and they might cause excessive body heat if consumed in a large quantity.

Black sesame – mild in nature, good for the liver and kidney; nourishes the blood and hair, loosens the bowels and relieves constipation; can prevent early appearance of grey hair and hair dryness

White back black fungus – mild in nature; nourishes the stomach, replenishes the qi and strengthens the body, cools and activates the blood

Black bean – mild in nature; nourishes the kidney, strengthens the spleen and induces diuresis; can relieve waist soreness, water retention and cramps that are caused by deficiency in the kidney. It is suitable for all body constitutions

Black-boned chicken – mild in nature; can dissipate heat and nourish the liver and kidney; and it has a more mild nature compared to chickens in general.

Walnut – warm in nature; nourishes the kidney, improves the qi and blood, loosens the bowels and relieves constipation; can enhance brainpower and improve memory

Peanut – mild in nature; replenishes the qi and moistens the lungs; strengthens the spleen and invigorates the appetite; can encourage children’s intellectual growth and improve their memory; is suitable for individuals with qi and blood deficiency, those with poor appetite and women who are still breastfeeding. Individuals with yin deficiency and internal heat in the body should not consume fried peanut excessively, as it will increase body heat

Pistachio – warm in nature; can warm the kidney and spleen, loosen the bowels and aid the movement of stools. Suitable for both young and old, and people with qi stagnation. It is also suitable for individuals with the cold body constitution and had experienced stomachache, bloating and those who sigh regularly

Chestnut – warm in nature; strengthens the spleen and stomach, activates the blood, nourishes the kidney, strengthens the bones and tendons; can relieve stomach upset caused by coldness and deficiency in the spleen and stomach; as well as soreness in the waist and weakness in the knees, and frequent urination at night that is caused by deficiency in the kidney. Excessive consumption of chestnut might lead to bloating, so individuals with the constant feeling of stomach being stuffed and bloating problems are advised to not eat in a large amount.

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