May 3, 2019



最想減掉的肉肉Top 3
P.S. 為甚麼大家討厭的肥胖部位都有個霸氣又可愛的名字?


拜拜肉 23.08%
豬腩肉 20.51%
象腿 20.51%
龍躉 17.95%
麒麟臂 5.13%
鬼竄肉 5.13%
虎背 5.13%
熊腰 2.56%



Top 3 most desired areas for fat burn
Some people may have a normal body or even slim one and they would tell you that they still want to lose fat in certain parts of their body. Fat is a common enemy of the human race. Even the most perfectly shaped person will have something he or she is unhappy about.
The CheckCheckCin office has voted for their most wanted body parts for fat loss. Let’s see!
P.S. The fat body parts seem to have quite the name in Cantonese!
Voting results in CheckCheckCin office: The most wanted body parts of fat loss. Comment and let us know if your thoughts are same as ours!

Triceps (Bye bye meat) 23.08%
Belly (Pork belly) 20.51%
Thighs (Elephant’s legs) 20.51%
Butt (Dragon’s butt) 17.95%
Arms (Kirin’s arm) 5.13%
Armpit (Sneaky meat) 5.13%
Back (Tiger’s back) 5.13%
Midriff (Bear’s waist) 2.56%

So, triceps, belly and thighs are the top 3 body parts that we want to lose! Summer is coming. Let’s put lots of effort to get rid of fat.

Workout to strengthen triceps
Tool: A bottle full of water
Method: Hold the water bottle and raise it vertically. Put your arm beside the side of ear. Flex the forearm backwards and then straighten. Repeat for 15 times. Then repeat the action with the other hand.

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© 2023 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.