October 19, 2020



1. 坐在地上讓雙腿伸直。
2. 用雙手拉住腳掌,慢慢向身體方向拉扯,保持膝關節伸直。
3. 按壓承筋穴,位於小腳肚的隆起處,小腿後面,委中穴下5寸,腓腸肌肌腹中央,促進血液循環,紓緩痛楚。

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Tips to prevent muscle cramps when hiking
The pleasant autumn weather has encouraged many people to go hiking in the mountains. This activity is often underestimated, because people think it is just walking or strolling, but in reality, hiking takes a long time and tests our endurance.

Since hiking involves the entire body, we might accidentally hurt our muscles, especially our legs. Leg cramps are also a common occurrence when we do not warm up properly, strain our muscles, lack in stamina, or experience cold pathogens. If this happens, you can relieve the pain by following the steps below:

1. Sit on the ground and stretch your legs straight.
2. Bend and stretch your arms to touch the foot soles, and slowly pull towards the body, remember to keep the knees straight.
3. Massage the ‘cheng jin’ acupoint, which can be found at the bulging part of the calf, 5 inches beneath the ‘wei zhong’ acupoint, the center of the of gastrocnemius muscle, to improve blood circulation and relieve pain.

According to Chinese Medicine theories, leg cramps normally happened due to the lack of blood in the muscles. When there is insufficient blood flow to nourish the system, the bones and muscles might not function properly. Therefore, individuals with blood deficiency problem in the liver, qi stagnation and blood stasis, blood stagnation due to the cold condition, will normally develop cramp problems.

In order to prevent muscle cramps, avoid eating raw and cold food as well as drinks, keep the foot soles warm, and massage the ‘cheng jin’ acu point regularly as preventive measures. When hiking, do weigh your abilities and act accordingly; warm up properly before starting the journey, take short breaks in between; be patient and walk slowly to prevent cramps.

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