February 19, 2018





✓ 米水、韭菜、百合、豆苗、茼蒿、淮山、蓮藕、芋頭等
x 橙、番茄、士多啤梨和奇異果等。
Rain Water Solar Term
Spring is back and the cool and dry air is gone. Rain water is the second of the 24 solar terms. By the name, it means that rain volume will increase during this period and humidity will be back. During early spring, the weather is still unstable, warm and cool or dry and wet at the same time. During these changing of the seasons, it is important to keep warm and avoid getting a sneak attack from the cool dampness. Asthenic weak spleen and stomach is the source of illness. As we enter rain water solar term, it is important to nourish the spleen and stomach. The year’s plan starts in the spring, today is the best day to get into the habit of having a daily cup of rice water! Try to commit to doing it for 15 consecutive days and see if you feel any different! Also avoid eating fried and oily foods, and have ingredients that will regulate qi such as hairy fig root, radish and dried citrus peel.
Gentle reminders:
1. The weather hasn’t completely warmed up, so be sure to keep your coat on!
2. It’s sometimes sunny and sometimes rainy, be sure to have an umbrella out with you.
3. Keep a calm mind, avoid being too excited or upset.
4. If you run into any problems, find a friend to chat, avoid keeping it all in.
5. Walk some stairs to break a sweat!
✓ Rice water, chives, lily bulbs, sugar peas shoot, tong ho, Chinese yam, lotus root, taro
x Oranges, tomatoes, strawberries or kiwis.



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© 2023 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.