May 15, 2018

【CheckCheckMail – 胃酸倒流引致火燒心?】




1. 注意情緒,因為長期抑鬱狀態及壓力大都會引起胃酸倒流
2. 少吃多餐,不要過量進食生冷、酸、辣、煎炸油膩等重口味食物
3. 少喝酒精及含咖啡因飲品
4. 每餐吃至七八分飽
5. 戒宵夜,睡前三小時不宜進食
6. 胃酸情況嚴重,睡覺時可稍微調高枕頭,半坐半躺的姿勢
Tips to reduce frequency of acid reflux
EC, how can I relieve acid reflux?
CheckCheckCin: Chinese medicine believes acid reflux is basically vomiting acid, and it happens when there’s acidic fluid in the throat coming out, feeling of heat and pain in the chest, and in more serious cases your teeth enamel may have erosion leading to cavities. As people can be hot or cold and may not be clear how to distinguish between the two, it would be important not to just take any treatment for acid reflux available and see a Chinese medicine practitioner to properly treat it. People suffering from acid reflux should pay attention to their lifestyle and habits:
1. Pay attention to your mood, long term depression or intense pressure can lead to acid reflux
2. Have more meals and eat less during each, and don’t over consume cold and raw, sour, spicy, fried and oily foods
3. Limit alcohol and beverages with caffeine
4. Only get to about 70-80% full each meal
5. Avoid late night snacks, don’t eat 3 hours before meal time
6. If the condition is serious, try sleeping on a higher pillow in a half sitting half lying position

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