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紅米 — 糙米的一種,由於留有較多未磨走的表殼,更有營養,和白米的補氣養脾胃功效相約,適合有糖尿、貧血、肥胖和便秘的人適量進食。

紅麴米 — 又名紅曲米,是一種將紅麴菌接種在蒸熟大米上發酵加工的米,呈紫紅或棕紅色,一般磨成粉後用於發酵、防腐及食物上色等功能上,例如製作紅腐乳及味噌。


Red rice is high in fiber and can replenish blood
To effort to be healthier, some people decide to have mixed rice, adding in red rice with white rice to increase fibre consumption. There was once a rumour about red rice and high ALT levels that may cause cancer, but it actually confused red yeast rice with red rice. Red yeast rice is not a type of rice, but it is a fermented product. Red rice is high in fibre and can replenish blood, those with normal spleen and stomach functions can safely have more.
Red rice- a form of brown rice, as there is remaining outer shell, it is nutritious. Its effects to replenish qi and nourish the spleen and stomach are similar to white rice. It is suitable for those with diabetes, anaemia, obesity, and constipation.
Red yeast rice- it is made with fermenting rice with Monascus purpureus.
Can I have rice water when I have a cold or during menstruation?
Rice water is mild in nature, those with a cold or having menstruation can safely drink it. Rice water is especially suitable for those prone to diarrhea as white rice has healing effects to relieve diarrhea.

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