April 10, 2017


虛不受補 「醫師我唔補得㗎,一食補品就渾身不舒服,出飛滋、胃脹、甚至會瀉。」 這個情況泛指虛不受補。其實身體虛弱、容易感覺疲倦、手腳冰冷、容易反覆感冒,甚至產後的身體虛弱未必適合高麗參、雞酒、鹿茸等峻補之品。所謂藥食同源,補身也要補得其法,先看看身體虛弱的原因是什麼,再順應季節時令及按照體質慢慢調補。 常見身體虛弱的原因,離不開脾胃運作失常,身體未能吸收食物中的營養,導致氣血兩虛。

▶︎材料:紅米1湯匙、白米1湯匙、北芪6克,水800毫升 材料洗淨,用800毫升水,武火煮滾後轉文火煮30分鐘。此茶療煮一次後可倒入保溫瓶反覆沖泡至味淡。建議連續飲用3-4天。



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“I can’t have any tonic food, I always feel unwell, have canker sores, bloating and even diarrhea after taking them!” This situation is generally due to asthenic bodies not being able to tolerate tonic foods. People who are weak, with cold limbs, prone to colds and flus, or even those who are weak post labor may not be suitable to have tonic foods such as Koryo ginseng, chicken wine, or pilose antler. It is important to find out the reason for body weakness, and choose appropriate foods and herbs to improve the condition based on body type and seasonal changes. The typical reason for weakness is usually spleen and stomach not functioning properly, causing the body to not absorb nutrients which leads to asthenic blood and qi. Tonic herbs usually are harder to digest, taking too much creates additional burden for the spleen and stomach and you lose the original intention of taking such food. You should start with conditioning your spleen and stomach back to health.

☞Tea remedy for those who are weak: ▶︎Ingredients: Red rice 1 tbsp, white rice 1 tbsp, Astragalus root 6g, water 800ml
▶︎Preparation: Rinse all ingredients thoroughly. Combine with 800ml of water in a pot and cook on high heat until boiling. Then simmer on low heat for another 30 minutes. After cooking, this tea can be poured into a thermos along with ingredients and rebrewed until flavour weakens. For best results, drink consecutively for 3-4 days.

▶︎Effects: Strengthens spleen and replenishes qi. Relieves fatique and frequent diarrhea. Note: Not suitable for those recovering from a cold/flu or those with heat-related symptoms.

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