December 20, 2021




🧑🏻⚕️ 看醫生

🏠 在家休息

🥣 注意飲食


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Upper respiratory tract infection care guide
Many people view cold and flu as minor problems, but they can turn into bigger issues such as sinusitis and pneumonia if not handled with care. Moreover, upper respiratory infections are contagious. We should learn the proper ways to avoid infecting others.

🧑🏻‍⚕️ Consult a doctor
Stuffy nose, runny nose, sore throat, and cough are common symptoms of upper respiratory infections. If the symptoms are mild, we can take care of ourselves by taking sufficient rest and drink lemon water or herbal tea to strengthen our body. But if condition persists or aggravates, consult a doctor right away.

🏠 Rest at home
Air and touch transmission are the most common types. To prevent infecting others, we should stop going to work or school and rest at home until we are fully recovered. When we cough or sneeze, we should always cover our mouth and nose and dispose the tissues once we wrapped them properly. The best way to rest when we are sick is to sleep, so avoid staying up late.

🥣 Pay attention to diet
We should consume clear food when we are ill. Eat foods that are nutritious and easily digestible like porridge, steamed pork patty, and vegetables that are not heavily seasoned. Drink more warm water and rice water and consume lemon water to replenish the Vitamin C in our body. Avoid having nourishing soups and teas such as chicken soup, fish maw soup, and red date tea. Also, avoid raw and cold foods such as salad, sushi, and deep fried and oily foods, as they can further aggravate our condition.

🧣Put on the right clothes
Ensure proper ventilation in the room, but avoid direct wind blowing. Keep the body warm, but avoid wearing thick clothes that can cause us to perspire. We should diligently change into a pair of fresh clothes when we sweat.

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