December 22, 2021




CheckCheckCin:感覺異常疲累、怕冷、頭暈頭脹、鼻塞鼻水、食慾減退,一般人形容為「作病」的感覺,是病邪進入身體後出現的症狀。中醫角度認為健康是陰陽平衡的狀態,而生病則是身體處於陰陽失衡的狀態,這個時候,更需要配合飲食及作息,抓緊時間平衡體內失衡狀態,才能及時紓緩症狀。 相反此時吃了有補益功效的湯水如花膠雞湯, 便會令病邪困於體內。中醫常強調生病時要戒口,因為每服藥都有其屬性,配合適當飲食,就能加速調整病人體內不平衡狀態,加速痊癒。

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Why do we have to limit what we eat when we are sick?
“I’ve not been feeling well in the last couple of days. After having a bowl of fish maw chicken soup yesterday, I woke up with a sore throat and fatigue, and my head feels heavy.”

CheckCheckCin: Feeling exceptionally tired, with aversion to cold, dizziness and heavy headedness, stuffy and runny nose, and appetite loss are the common symptoms people exhibit when they are not feeling well.

From the perspective of Chinese Medicine, individuals can maintain their health when their yin and yang are balanced, and we fall ill when the balance is off. At this time, we should watch our daily routine and diet, and try to restore the balance as fast as possible to relieve the symptoms.

But if we consume nourishing foods such as fish maw chicken soup, we might trap the pathogenic factors in the body and aggravate the condition. Chinese physicians always stress on the need to watch what we eat when we are sick. We need to make sure the food we eat is consistent with the nature of the medicines we consume. By doing so, we can restore the imbalance more effectively and expedite our recovery.

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