October 18, 2019




1. 頭向後仰 — 下意識覺得頭向後仰就能阻止鼻血流下來,事實是血繼續往鼻腔裡流到咽喉。
2. 塞廁紙 — 把廁紙捲成棒狀往鼻孔裡塞,對止血沒多大幫助,小心廁紙有菌更會造成細菌感染。
3. 凍水拍額頭 — 原理是藉著皮膚遇冷令血管收縮,但額頭距離鼻子太遠了吧?
4. 冰敷額頭 — 同上,冰敷會使血管有冷凍收縮效果,但在鼻頭冰敷更為有效。
5. 把手舉高 — 傳聞左邊鼻孔流血舉左手,右邊流舉右手,結果舉到手軟血仍未止。


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5 wrong things to do when you have a nosebleed
With a gust of autumn wind, your nose itches. Wait, now it’s bleeding?
“Look upwards and press hard on the bridge of the nose.”
“Put your hands up to stop the bleeding!”
“Tap the forehead with some cold water now!”

Due to the dry autumn, the nose membrane becomes dry and nosebleeds occasionally occur. There are so many methods to stop nosebleeds. Have you ever tried the following five wrong ways?
1. Tilt your head up- You think you can tilt your head to stop the nosebleeds. The truth is that the blood continues to the throat through your nose.
2. Block with toilet paper- Roll the toilet paper into a stick and plug it into the nostrils. It does not help to stop the bleeding. Beware bacteria in the toilet paper may cause bacterial infection.
3. Tap the forehead with cold water- The principle is that the blood vessels contract when skin is cold, but isn’t the forehead is too far from the nose?
4. Put an ice pack on the forehead- Same as above. Ice will cause the blood vessels to freeze and contract, but it is more effective to put the ice pack on the nose tip.
5. Raise your hand- It is a myth that raising your left hand when the left nostril bleeds will stop the bleeding and vice versa for the right side. You will just end up with tired arms and a continued bleeding nose. 

Correct treatment of nosebleeds:
First, lower the head slightly forward, use your fingers to gently press the two sides of the bridge of the nose, and then breathe through your mouth. After about 1-2 minutes, release your fingers. If it is still bleeding, repeat the above action until the bleeding stops. If it is bleeding for more than 10 minutes, or nosebleeds occur frequently, such as several times a week, you should seek medical treatment.

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