October 30, 2019





My baby does not have much hair
“My daughter is 8 months old. Her hair has been sparse from birth till now. I have tried to shaved her hair off and rubbed brandy, but it has not been better. Is it related to poor kidney function or insufficient nutrition?”

CheckCheckCin: Baby’s hair growth rate, quantity, colour, and straightness are mostly related to genetic factors. If the parents have thick hair, the baby may be born with full head of black and thick hair; if the parents have curly hair, the baby is likely to have have curly hair. Parents worry about newborn babies with sparse hair do not have sufficient nutrition. If they have insufficient nutrition, their height, weight and even teeth and nails will be affected. So if sparse hair is the only issue, do not to worry too much. Some children’s hair begin to thicken after they turn two or three years old. Methods such as shaving or rubbing brandy may damage the scalp and cause infection, and it does not help to stimulate hair growth. If you want your baby to have healthy hair, just make sure your baby has enough nutrients and sleep, and gently massage the scalp.

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.