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1. 仰臥在床上,雙手自然放在身體兩側,輕輕抬起右腳膝蓋,倒向身體左側,同時將臉轉向右側,維持5秒,然後腳和臉回到起點。
2. 輕輕抬起左腳膝蓋,倒向身體右側,同時將臉轉向左側,維持5秒。此為一組動作,重覆做十次。


Move your abs to relieve constipation
From 5-7am, the large intestine meridian flows, and this is the time when your large intestine is the most active making it easiest for bowel movement. But very few people wake up that early nowadays, coupled with poor dietary habits, lack of exercise, stressful work, standing or sitting too long, it can easily lead to constipation. It’s not a major illness but it can be quite bothersome!
If you have constipation, try doing some ab exercises when you wake up to get your intestine moving and also try some acupoint massages to relieve constipation. If you the issue is serious, then remember to consult a Chinese medicine practitioner!
Ab exercise to get your intestine moving
It is best to do this with an empty stomach and drink a glass of warm water after.
1. Lie flat on your bed and naturally place your hands on two sides of you body. Gently lift your right knees and push towards the left side of your bed and turn your face towards the right side. Keep for 5 seconds and return your face and leg to original position.
2. Gently lift your left knee and push towards the right side of your body and turn your face towards the left side and hold for 5 seconds. Repeat this set of exercise 10 times.

Tianshu Point (Celestial Pivot)
Location: Center of the abdomen, two inches (3 finger-breadths) from the belly button.
Usage: Use both thumbs or bottom of your palms and press for 50 times.
Effects: Regulates the intestines to improve qi and blood circulation. Relieves abdominal bloating and constipation.

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