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Homemade healthy flavored drink
“My girlfriend doesn’t like to drink water. I’m thinking of making some healthy tea for her to drink every day, perhaps red date tea. I hope the sweetness of the fruit will encourage her to drink more water.”

CheckCheckCin: Your girlfriend is blessed to have you as her boyfriend! Preparing health tea sachets is a good idea but we need to be careful with the ingredient selection. You mentioned red date, which is warm in nature, can nourish the qi and replenish the blood. They are suitable for individuals with asthenic qi and blood.

People with asthenic qi and blood normally carry symptoms such as shortness of breath, pale complexion, catch flu easily, dizziness and heart palpitation. You can also add jasmine flower tea to relieve anxiety; another option would be brown sugar and ginger with boiled rice water. Brown sugar can strength the spleen and warm the stomach, as well as ward off cold and invigorate the blood; ginger can eliminate cold and warm the body, is suitable for ladies with aversion to cold.

On the contrary, if your girlfriend has healthy qi and blood circulation, is short-tempered and impatient, and carries heat-related symptoms such as sore throat and acne, then we should prepare cooling health tea for her. For instance, dried pear green tea, as pear can promote salivation and relieve dryness in the body, whereas green tea can dissipate heat; or you can try our ‘heat relieving tea (re qi cha)’, which can dissipate heat and eliminate toxins.

In the long run, you will still need to encourage to drink more water, perhaps buying her a beautiful cup or flask would help. Do text her from time to time, to remind her to drink water!

Autumn tea for cold body type
1/ Jasmine tea with red date
Ingredients: 4 red dates, 10g jasmine tea
Preparation: Slice red dates. Combine the ingredients with hot water and steep for 5 minutes until aroma develops.

2/ Fried rice water with brown sugar and ginger
Ingredients: 6g dried ginger, 1 sachet of fried rice water, brown sugar
Preparation: Combine the ingredients with hot water and steep for 10 minutes until aroma develops.

Autumn tea for hot body type
1/ Green tea with dried pear
Ingredients: 2-3 slices dried pear, 1 teaspoon of green tea
Preparation: Combine the ingredients with hot water and steep for 5 minutes until aroma develops.
Remarks: the water temperature for brewing green tea should not be too high

2/ ✔Beauty tea recommendation: Very Hot (Qi)
Ingredients: Plumeria, Chrysanthemum Bud, Spreading Hedyotis
Effects: Clears heat and detoxifies. Suitable for bad breath, frequent eye discharge, red and dry eyes, frequent loss of temper and scanty or yellowish urine

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