November 16, 2020




1. 拖著她慢慢走

2. 愛心足浴

3. 小腿按摩

4. 準備替換鞋

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Take care of high heel wearing ladies
Women with heels no doubt are more feminine and would seem to have a pair of long and lean legs, but do you know the damage heels can cause to the body?

Pointed heels can cause pain to the legs, blister and bunion (deformity of the joint connecting the big toe to the foot). Walking tiptoe creates constant muscle tension, thus disrupting blood circulation to the feet and forming blood stasis.

Wearing heels can also cause the center of gravity and pelvis to shift forward, which will adversely affect the lumbar and cervical spine, hence leading to problems like pain in the waist and cervical spondylosis.

If you notice your female friends have been wearing heels for an extended period, do show that you care by doing the four things below:

1. Walk with her slowly
Women with heels normally have swollen and tired feet, please slow down, and even hold their hands. There is also a higher chance of them spraining their ankles, so we need to be on alert.

2. Foot bath with love
Prepare a footbath at night, even if it’s just a bowl of 40-degree Celsius warm water. The water level should stay above the heels. Allow them to submerge their feet for about 20 – 30 minutes. Footbath can help improve blood circulation and relieve tension.

3. Massage the calves
Walking in heels puts great pressure on the lower leg, so become a masseur and give them a calf message! Remember to massage the ‘cheng shan’ acupoint (the dent in the calf muscles) to improve blood circulation, relieve pain and cramp, at the same time, improve the curve line of the calves.

4. Prepare a pair of flats
If you are picking them up, do prepare a pair of comfortable flats for them to change in the car.

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