December 7, 2018




1. 在枱上平鋪一塊保鮮紙,放上壽司紫菜,在紫菜中間平鋪上白飯。
2. 將餘下材料一層疊一層平鋪在白飯上,最後蓋上一層白飯。
3. 將紫菜四角向內摺,完全包裹白飯及餡料,然後用保鮮紙包緊。
4. 將飯糰反過來,中間對半切開即可。

1. 豬肉鬆+煎蛋皮
2. 熟三文魚+沙律醬
3. 韓國醬油炒豬肉片
4. 豆角菜脯炒粒粒+煎蛋皮
Homemade rice ball for winter outing
It’s been getting quite cool and time for hiking and nature visits! If you are debating what to bring for food, try a rice ball. It is easy to make and has different variations to consider. It is also a great activity to do with kids. Traditional Japanese rice balls are triangular, if you don’t have the proper shaping tools, doing it by hand can be quite ugly. Try the below simple recipe that doesn’t require shaping!
Ingredients: large piece of Japanese seaweed, white rice, self-chosen filling, whole slice of lettuce
1. Lay a piece of plastic wrap on the table flatly and place seaweed on top. Place white rice in the center of the seaweed
2. Place the rest of the ingredients on by layers on top of the white rice, and then finish with another layer of white rice.
3. Fold the four corners of seaweed inwards to wrap the rice and filling, then wrap tight with the wrap.
4. Flip the rice ball and cut in the middle into two halves.
Filling choices:
1. Pork floss and thinly cooked scrambled egg
2. Cooked salmon with salad dressing
3. Stir fried pork slices with Korean soy sauce
4. Diced long-bean stir fried with preserved radish and thinly cooked scrambled egg

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