July 17, 2017


星期一朝早返工壓力甚大,一起床時更發現枕頭上皆是寶貴的髮絲,再照照鏡,望望頭頂的頭髮愈來愈稀疏,真的是眼淚在心裡流。男士脫髮有很大部分都源於遺傳, 但亦可問問自己日常生活中是否虛耗過度?中醫理論說「腎之華在髮」,腎是管理生殖和內分泌的臟腑,假如你本身先天禀賦不足,日常生活又不節制,經常捱更抵夜,性生活頻繁,導致後天調養失度,隨著年紀漸長,就可能出現腎虛的表現,出現頭髮稀疏脫落,亦會有腰痠背痛,四肢乏力,畏寒的狀態,更有可能出現夜尿頻、陽痿甚至早泄的情況。所以為甚麼經常聽到有人說,「腎」對男人最重要!


Going to work on Monday is already a lot of pressure, when you add that with seeing hair fallen all over your pillow from the previous night and find your full head of hair going thinner, it’s quite disheartening! A lot of men experience hair loss due to generic factors, but it is also important to check if you’ve been over working yourself lately. In Chinese medicine theory, ‘the glory of hair lies within the kidney’. The kidney main functions are growth and the endocrine systems. If you are born with congenital deficiencies and have unrestrained lifestyle such as frequent late nights and overactive sexual activities, you will further develop acquired imbalances. As you age, you may have an asthenic kidney which exhibits in the form of hair loss, lower back pains, lack of strength in limbs and aversion to cold. Furthermore you might also develop frequent night urination, impotence or even premature ejaculation. This is why you often hear people say that the kidney is very important to all men!

Foods to strengthen your kidney:
Walnut, black sesame, lotus seeds, chives, chestnut, gorgon.

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