September 24, 2017




Feeling odd with the change in season?

Hong Kong has a southern climate, so even though we are well into autumn, it’s still quite hot and you don’t feel like fall is here. In reality, we are actually already in Autumn Equinox, so even though it’s quite warm, the dryness has been slowing creeping back already. You may feel extra thirsty with dry mouth no matter how much you drink; your skin may be tightening; you may also have bouts of morning cough even though you are not sick; and you may also see streaks of blood in your nose. Turns out these are all symptoms of fall dryness and from a Chinese medicine perspective, the lungs are the highest located organ so it will be affected first by the dryness and seasonal changes. This is especially true during the fall when the dryness attacks, you may experience respiratory discomfort and throat dryness, and the blood streaks in nose is also caused by dryness in the lungs as well. Those prone to nasal and respiratory allergies are especially vulnerable to these symptoms due to weakened lungs. In addition, the lungs affect the skin and hair directly so during the fall you will also experience skin dryness and itchiness. This is why people experience all these odd symptoms when you go from summer to fall!

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