November 15, 2017

【雞腿菇 vs 蘑菇 vs 冬菇】???

1. 香菇洗淨浸至軟身切蒂備用。
2. 以適量豆粉、油、黃糖撈均勻,蒸15分鐘,最後加生抽即可。






King Oyster Mushroom vs Button Mushroom vs Shitake Mushroom
Simple steamed shitake mushroom recipe:
1. Rinse mushroom and soak until soft. Remove stem
2. Add in corn starch, oil and brown sugar and mix well. Steam for 15 minutes. Add light soy sauce and serve.
There’s a Cantonese saying, “stewing mushroom”, that all working people worry about. It means demotion and it originated from when police officers get demoted from a position where they don’t have to wear a uniform back to a uniform position. The hat or beret from the uniform often times shapes like a mushroom and hence the saying. Shitake mushrooms smell great and are delicious, a lot of festive meals would include stew mushroom. What are the differences between shitake mushroom, and mushrooms more often used in western cooking such as button mushroom and king oyster mushroom?
Shitake- mainly produced in Guangdong Bei River region, so it is also known as ‘northern mushroom’. They are mild in nature, and can replenish qi and blood. They are suitable qi deficiency and blood asthenia body constitution. They also help to reduce blood lipids making them especially suitable for those with diabetes and those on a diet. Note that shitake mushroom may activate internal wind and it is not suitable for those with skin allergies and itch.

Button mushroom- cool in nature, can regulate qi and stimulate appetite, nourish qi and strengthen the spleen. Suitable for those with asthenic weak stomach and spleen, and those with lack of appetite and abdominal bloating. They also help to reduce blood lipids making them especially suitable for those with diabetes and those on a diet. Button is considered a stimulating food and should not be over consumed.

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