Sugar Cane・ Rice Water
Sugar Cane・ Rice Water

Sugar Cane・ Rice Water

Ingredients:Red Rice, White Rice, Sugar Cane, Cogongrass Root, Water Chestnut

The effects of Cogongrass Root:
✓ Clear heat and dispel dampness
✓ Clear lungs and relieve cough
✓ Cool the blood

Cogongrass root is cool in nature, can clear heat and dispel dampness, and cool the blood. It is suitable for adults and children who are irritable, with frequent nosebleeds and cough due to heat in lungs.

Clears heat and relieves dryness.
Suitable for weak and asthenic spleen and stomach, dry mouth, fatigue, difficulty with urination and flu related symptoms.

  1. Place rice water powder into a thermos and add 600-1000ml of boiling water
  2. Steep for 20 minutes
  3. May be re-brewed 2-3 times until its flavor weakens

Please store in dry and cool place.

No additives. No preservatives. Individually vacuum packed.

The presence of small amounts of sediments is a normal phenomenon.

5 sachets

Net Weight:21g x 5 sachets

Made in: Hong Kong

SKU: 15010



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© 2023 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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