What is CheckCheckCin?

CheckCheckCin is a revolutionary multi-dimensional wellness platform pioneered by Cinci Leung. It means to check first in Cantonese and represents the Chinese medicine concept of healthy living and illness prevention.

So start by ‘CheckCheckCin’, find out your own body type and choose appropriate foods to benefit from the Chinese medicine concepts of ‘medicine and food originate from the same source’ and ‘preventative treatment’.

Take charge of your health. The CheckCheckCin platform encompasses an easy-to-use mobile application, publications, social media channels, wellness products and grab-and-go drinks shops. The goal is to provide the public with multiple ways to learn about their own body types and find the most suitable way to healthy living.

Our Founder

Cinci Leung is a Hong Kong registered Chinese medicine practitioner, founder of CheckCheckCin, and a mother of two. She graduated from Pepperdine University with a bachelorʼs degree in Business Administration, then went onto graduate from the University of Hong Kong with a bachelorʼs degree in Chinese medicine. She also obtained a master of science in acupuncture from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Cinci is also the author of the best-selling book series “Chinese Healing Soups 1,2&3”. Cinci integrates Western concepts with Chinese medicine theories to simplify traditional Chinese medicine. Using different channels to promote the concepts of preventive healthcare, she hopes that the public can easily learn to make adjustments in their diet to improve their health.

Why Is Rice Water Important

  • Digestion is the Basis of Overall Health

    CheckCheckCin’s rice water is formulated by a Chinese medicine practitioner, made with red rice, white rice and raw coix seeds. Mild in nature, drinking a cup daily can strengthen the spleen, nourish the stomach, and relieve water retention. It helps strengthen digestion, which is the basis of overall health. Having good digestive health means the body will not accumulate dampness and will better be able to absorb the nutrients from food, resulting in more energy.

  • Keep the Digestive Health Functioning

    People living in cities have busy lives.
    It’s difficult to change your lifestyle and avoid shifts, working overtime, socializing, or staying up late.
    Drinking a cup of rice water daily can relieve the burden on your spleen and stomach.
    Incorporate this routine into your daily schedule, which makes fine-tuning your daily dietary habits a little simpler.
    Digestion is the basis of overall health!



Men benefit from healthy kidneys and a strong lower back. Dusk rice water gently nourishes the kidneys and hair without adding heat to the body.


Rice water is great for the skin. A healthy spleen and stomach help to improve complexion, and avoid unexplained weight gain and bloating.


Maintain a healthy spleen and stomach at a young age to improve appetite and enhance growth.


A healthy spleen and stomach improves absorption of nutrients, keeping you energetic.


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In 2015, Cinci partnered with one of the top publishing companies in Hong Kong, Crown Publishing, to release her first book, Chinese Healing Soups. The book quickly went on to become a top seller in multiple bookshops. Soon after, Chinese Healing Soups 2 and 3 were also released and were ranked as well on top selling lists. In 2018, the book was modified and published in Taiwan as well. In 2020, Cinci partnered with JP Morgan to publish an online wellness publication.

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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