Find Your Tea Based On How You Feel

Based on the body’s common feelings, choose the most fitting drink from our rice water, herbal drinks, and healing tea series to nourish your body.

Clears heat & detoxifies.
Moistens the lungs.
Feelin’ Good
Strengthens the
spleen & nourishes
the stomach.
Feelin’ Tired
Relieves heat &
dispels dampness.
Replenishes blood &
nourishes the heart.
Feelin’ Stressed
Relieves stress.
Feelin’ Cold
Expels cold to
keep warm.
Strengthens the
spleen & warms
the stomach.
Feelin’ Bloated
Burns fat &
aids digestion.
Relieves bloating.
Feelin’ Dry
Clears heat and
moistens the lungs.
Nourishes yin &
relieves dryness.

CheckCheckCin means to check first in Cantonese and represents the Chinese medicine concept of healthy living and illness prevention.

What's Check Check Cin

Cinci strongly believes that if everyone consumes food based on their own body constitution, it is effective in preventing ailments. So start by ‘CheckCheckCin’, find out your own body type and choose appropriate foods to achieve the Chinese medicine concepts of ‘medicine and food originate from the same source’ and ‘preventative treatment’.

CheckCheckCin is not only a drinks shop, but has developed an easy to use mobile phone app, started an online health news channel, developed wellness products, and Cinci continues to see patients as a registered Chinese medicine practitioner. The goal is to provide the public with multiple ways to learn about their own body types and find the most suitable way to healthy living.

Maintain The Function Of Spleen And Stomach

The spleen and stomach functions are basically equivalent to the “digestive system” in Western medicine. Traditional Chinese medicine theory stipulates that the spleen and stomach are “the source of engendering transformation” and “the root of the acquired constitution”. From birth, we rely on the spleen and stomach for digestion, absorption, and transformation so that our bodies can absorb nutrients from food, allowing our internal organs to function smoothly. When your body can absorb enough nutrients, you will have a natural glow with great skin and a healthy look.

Stay Healthy With A Strong Digestive System


A weak digestive system may manifest itself in two different ways – some people seem to never gain an ounce regardless of what they eat, while others will easily put on weight even if they don’t eat very much. Drinking rice water appropriately restores the spleen and stomach functions and helps the body regulate weight.

Suitable For The Entire Family

Dusk rice water can reduce body depletion and fatigue, as well as replenish the kidneys to improve hair quality.
Rice water is great for the skin. Healthy spleen and stomach improves complexion, avoid unexplained weight gain and bloatedness.
Healthy spleen and stomach improves nutrient absorption to keep you energetic!
Maintain healthy spleen and stomach at a young age to improve appetite and enhance growth.
Why Is Rice Water Important

Cinci is a mother of two. She graduated from Pepperdine University with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, then went onto graduate from the University of Hong Kong with a bachelor’s degree in Chinese medicine. She obtained a master of science in acupuncture from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Cinci is also the author of the best-selling book series “Chinese Healing Soups 1,2&3”. Cinci integrates Western concepts with Chinese medicine theories to simplify traditional Chinese medicine. Using different channels to promote the concepts of preventive healthcare, she hopes that the public can easily learn to make adjustments in their diet to improve their health.

Our Founder
Book Series

《Chinese Healing Soups》

Chinese Healing Soups

Chinese Healing Soups is Cinci’s first book. The book covers the basics of Chinese Medicine, and functions as a sort of a learner’s guide to Chinese medicine, presented in layman’s terms. This book also covers some myths on body nourishing ailments and listed out eight body types, introducing to readers how to differentiate on their own while understanding the signals the body sends out. Depending on the body type, then decide what one shouldn’t consume and what could be consume on a daily basis. Pinpointing to eight different body types included in the book are 61 soup recipes for those that want to prepare Chinese soup at home as a holistic treatment. Each soup recipe is presented in both English and Traditional Chinese, and includes information on each of their health benefits.recipe is presented in both English and Traditional Chinese, and includes information on each of their health benefits.

《Chinese Healing Soups 2》

Chinese Healing Soups 2

Chinese Healing Soups 2 covers the basics of Chinese Medicine as it relates to children from 6 months to 12 of age. It introduces three body types for children and includes 60 bilingual soup recipes suitable for the entire family. This book teaches parents how to prepare food for children according to their body symptoms, and serves as a guide for food selection during the four seasons and according to different common illnesses seen in children. Also included in the book are infant tui na methods, definitely an all rounded go-to book when raising a child!

《Chinese Healing Soups 3》

Chinese Healing Soups 3

Chinese Healing Soups 3, is Cinci’s third book. It’s a book on health tips that focuses on busy people who are constantly on a go. People in different body types portrays different feelings according to their mental and physical fitness state. Usually before getting sick, body would signal different signs to let you know the body is not at its best state at the moment. Depnding on these feelings and symptoms, we could figure out our body type and target on relating healing soups to balance out the body. This book also emphasizes on how important it is to treat symptoms according by body type making it ideal reading material for both newbies or anyone that is already using Chinese Medicine as a part of their treatment regimen.



is the Taiwan version of the best selling book from Hong Kong Eslite book shop, Chinese Healing Soup 1, making this the first book Cinci has published in Taiwan. Pinpointing to eight different body types included in the book are 60 soup recipes, to share Hong Kong’s love for soup for readers in Taiwan

*Available for purchase at local bookstores. The Taiwan version of Chinese Healing Soups is only sold in Taiwan Eslite bookstore.

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