March 21, 2017

比人嚇都唔得既 ??




Scaring me doesn’t work??

▶︎Why do I have hiccups?
Hiccups after a meal is embarrassing and difficult on the body. You have tried different remedies like blowing into a paper bag, jumping off a chair, drinking water quickly and nothing worked, so why do you have hiccups? Western medicine says that hiccups is a result of diaphragm contractions. From a Chinese medicine perspective, hiccups happen because of poor eating habits and stress, causing depletion in your vital energy and adverse rising of gastric ‘qi’. For those who have cold stomachs, eating more cold things or eating too quickly will further exacerbate the condition. To relieve the hiccups, you need to relieve the flow of gasric ‘qi’. In older Chinese medicine documentation, its noted that holding your breath may stop hiccups, you can also try applying pressure on your TianTu acupoint!

☞TianTu Point- located above your sternum in the center point
Apply pressure using your finger, the correct strength level should cause a feeling of soreness. Apply pressure for 1-2 minutes.

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.