April 19, 2018




1. 小米粥具輕微的清熱功效,適合脾胃虛弱又想清熱的你!
2. 如不想衣服有噏味,就要抓緊太陽出沒的時候,或開抽濕機晾乾衣服!
3. 睡醒時如感覺像沒有睡過般,是時候袪濕了。
4. 作適量運動,微微汗出,並保持心情舒暢。
5. 腹瀉未必是感冒,可能是濕重的表現。

Grain Rain Solar Term
Grain rain is the last solar term of spring and there will be increasingly more rain. This is also the best time for crops to grow. The weather is warming up and the temperature difference between day and night can be large. Humidity is also increasing which can make people feel tired easily, this symptom is also known is spring fatigue. Try to have more coarse grains, avoid cold and raws to strengthen your spleen and stomach so that dampness won’t stay in your body. This would be the best way to fight grain rain. The dietary principle during grain rain is to focus on strengthening the spleen an stomach and focus on dispelling dampness. Try to have more coix seeds, hyacinth beans, and rice beans. Avoid oily and cold/raw foods so you will not give your spleen and stomach additional burden and try to reduce the effects of internal and external dampness on your body.
Gentle reminders:
1. Millet congee can help to clear heat so it is suitable for those with asthenic spleen and stomach and need to clear heat.
2. If you do not want your clothes to have a wet smell, make sure to dry your clothes when the sun is out and turn on the dehumidifier as your dry them!
3. If you feel tired after a night of sleep, it is time to dispel dampness.
4. Exercise appropriately and sweat a bit, keep a happy mood.
5. Diarrhea may not be sign of stomach flu, it could mean you have dampness in your body.



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© 2023 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.