April 28, 2017




Not seeing any bowel movement after eating ten grains rice?
Eating coarse grains, such as ten grains rice or buckwheat, has become a recent health trend. A lot of people switched to coarse grains to be healthier but quickly find that they experience constipation. Turns out the five cereals and coarse grains are not suitable for everyone. If you have asthenic stomach and spleen, and a weak digestive system, the sudden increase in fiber intake is naturally going to cause ‘congestion’ in your body. This is why everyone should find the right remedies to each case- first understand your own body, then match it with the right dietary habits to achieve true healthy living. Older people, young children or those who have asthenic bodies should not eat ten grains rice. Millets and white rice are a good option for those with a weak digestive system.

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.