July 28, 2022



1. 多喝水及消暑飲品如椰青、西瓜汁
2. 於曬傷肌膚上厚塗純蘆薈乳液或直接敷上新鮮蘆薈片
3. 曬傷後避免以太熱的水洗澡

曬後消暑清熱湯- 番茄淮山粟米湯
1. 所有材料洗淨,番茄去皮去籽切塊;新鮮淮山去皮切段,粟米去衣留鬚切段備用。
2. 鍋中加入約2500毫升水,放入全部材料,以武火煮至水滾,調文火煮約1.5小時,最後下鹽調味即可。

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Tips to relieve sunburn

Summer’s sun is fiery, and it cannot be avoided when we carry out outdoor duties and activities. There is a possibility we might get sunburn if we do not protect our skin from the exposure. Sunburn skin shows sign of redness, pain even swelling that feels hot to the touch normally 3-4 hours after being under the sun. Sunburnt skin will eventually dry off and peel off naturally, and would feel itchy or slight pain. It is important not to scratch the affected area. Other than taking care of the skin after getting a sunburn, we should make sure we hydrate our body by drinking water, to alleviate the said symptoms.

⚠️Tips to soothe sunburn:
– drink more water and heat-relieving beverages like coconut juice and watermelon juice
– apply aloe vera lotion to the sunburn spot or lay fresh aloe vera slices on the sunburn spot
– avoid bathing in water with a high temperature

Soup to dispel heat after sunburn – Tomato soup with Chinese yam and corn
Effects: clears summer heat and relieves symptoms after sunburn.
Ingredients: 3-4 tomatoes, 1 fresh Chinese yam, 1-2 ears of corn with silk, 40g cashew, 20g mung bean, 20g black-eyed pea
1. Rinse all ingredients. Peel the tomato and cut into pieces. Peel the Chinese yam and cut into sections. Remove husks from corn and cut into pieces.
2. Add 2500ml of water in a pot. Add all the ingredients and cook on high heat until boiling. Turn to low heat and simmer for 1.5 hours. Add salt to taste.

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