October 18, 2017



說起坐月,「雞」好像是食療中的主角,滴雞精有如坐月必備補品。進補要看體質,尤其平素生活忙碌、容易心煩氣躁、晚睡、嗜重口味食物都會令體質偏向熱性。擁有此類體質的媽媽如果產後過分進補— 每天飲用鹿茸、高麗蔘、雞湯、紅棗、雞酒等熱性食療,不但會令心情更煩躁、潮熱盜汗、便秘、生口瘡等,產後哺乳者,更會把其「溫熱」傳給嬰兒,導致嬰兒出現睡不安寧、哭鬧不停、便秘、出汗疹等症狀。假如想以雞進補,又怕太溫補,可以選擇烏雞,烏雞屬性平和,有滋陰的功效,可補氣血養陰,對產後復元皆有幫助。話雖如此,但依然要適可而止,兩星期1-2次都足夠了。



During confinement month, chicken is one of the healing ingredients often used. Chicken essence is one of the most common stocked foods during this period. But it’s important to eat tonic foods according to your body constitution. Those who are usually very busy, irritable, have frequent late nights, and prefer stronger flavored foods may have heat-related body types. For these mommies, over eating tonic foods such as pilose antler, panax ginseng, chicken soup, and Chinese dates and fried rice water after labor will worsen the symptoms and even lead to excessive sweating, constipation and canker sores. Mommies who breastfeed can pass these symptoms to their newborn too causing the baby to have poor sleep, become irritable, be constipated, and develop eczema. For those who want to use chicken to replenish their bodies but are worried about the heat symptoms, black chicken is a good alternative. Black chicken is mild in nature, can nourish yin, replenish qi and blood, and is suitable for postpartum recovery. It is however still important to take in moderation, have it 1-2 times per week.

Chicken- warm in nature, can replenish qi and blood, and warm the stomach. Not suitable for those with a flu or those with damp heat and phlegm and dampness body constitution. Suitable for those with asthenic body types and those who recovered from chronic illness.

Black chicken- mild in nature, can replenish yin, clean heat, nourish lungs and kidneys. Suitable for those with yin deficiency body constitution.



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