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如果屬於慢性腹瀉,例如只是腹瀉前一刻才有腹痛感覺,沒有伴隨其它症狀,不用急於止瀉, 期間注意補充水份,建議諮詢註冊中醫師意見,按體質調理身體改善症狀。

– 喝水不宜急著一口氣大量的喝
– 宜每隔十分鐘小口小口緩緩地喝水
– 除了清水,也可以飲米水或運動飲料
– 宜喝室溫或暖水
– 不宜喝湯或進補

Should you take medicine to stop diarrhea?
Everyone has experienced diarrhea. It may be chronic diarrhea caused by body type, or acute diarrhea caused by eating contaminated food. You may have wondered if it is better to let your bowel system run its course or you should take medicine to stop the diarrhea. Diarrhea is defined as changes in normal bowel habits, increased defecation times, and softer or more watery stool than usual, and three or more bowel movements within 24 hours.
If you have acute diarrhea, such as those from eating contaminated food, you would usually experience abdominal pain and diarrhea, and the frequency of defecation is more frequent. As the body has a self-healing mechanism, if you want to let bacteria out through the stool as soon as possible and there are no other discomfort symptoms, your body will recover with enough time to rest. However, if you are also vomiting, have abdominal pain and fever, or even dehydration symptoms due to frequent diarrhea, such as dry lips, abnormal fatigue, decreased urine, sunken eyes, you should seek medical treatment immediately, and your doctor will decide whether you need to stop diarrhea medicinally. If it is diarrhea in infants, the elderly or patients with chronic diarrhea, pay attention to whether diarrhea causes complications, because antidiarrheal drugs have side effects, and these people should not take it by themselves.
If it is chronic diarrhea, say you feel abdominal pain before the diarrhea only, without accompanying other symptoms, do not rush to stop diarrhea, pay attention to replenish fluids. It is recommended to consult a registered Chinese medicine practitioner, and condition your body to improve the symptoms according to the body type.

Tips for treating diarrhea
– Do not rush to drink a lot of water in a hurry
– It is recommended to drink water slowly every ten minutes
– In addition to water, you can also drink rice water or sports drinks
– Drink room temperature or warm water
– Do not drink soup or consume tonic food

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