September 22, 2017





Children with red flushed cheeks
A lot of people see red rosy cheeks on children and think it is vey cute, but turns out cheeks that are overly red could be a bodily symptom too. Kids naturally have thinner skin and their bodies’ ability to self-adjust. If you are seeing the red cheeks during fall/winter, it could be dryness-related allergies and should resolve itself in a few days. But if your child has extra red cheeks when it’s not cold, accompanied with red lips, irritability, frequent crying, dry stool, yellow urine, and heat-related symptoms like frequent coughing, then your child could have hot phlegm-heat body constitution. For infants exclusively breastfed, the mother would have to watch her diet and reduce hot-natured foods. For infants that have started solids, they should be given more water, vegetables and fruits and reduce heat-inducing foods and appropriately have some millets congee. If the child has red cheeks with itchiness or rash, then it would be time to consult a doctor.
Children with red cheeks and heat-related symptoms can eat:
– watercress
– carrots
– radish
– pears
– Chinese okra

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