July 25, 2017




To prevent the flu, do these things regularly
Your regular lifestyle and habits can also determine if you are prone to the flu. If you want to remain healthy during this peak summer flu season, pay attention to the following items and make healthy lifestyle changes. You can strengthen your immune system and say bye to flus!
✔Have a balance between work and rest, sleep and wake up early.
✔Keep warm to prevent attack from cold qi
✔Wash your hands frequently, pay attention to personal hygiene
✔Consume foods that replenishes lungs and strengthens the spleen, strengthens qi and nourishes in, e.g. have a cup of rice water each day, add Chinese yam, fresh smilax, hyacinth beans, or radix pseudostellariae
✔Do some outdoor exercise during early morning or early evening when it’s cooler, but not to vigorously.
✔When showering, rinse your dazhui acupoint (center point of the back of your neck where there’s an obvious bone protruding.
✔Avoid cold and raw foods especially first thing in the morning
✔Avoid greasy and heavy flavored foods to lessen the burden on your stomach and spleen.
✔Avoid cold showers immediately after exercising.
✔Avoid getting rained on to prevent wind and cold pathogens from entering and attacking your body.

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.