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1. 選擇透氣的鞋,穿著有助吸汗的全棉襪,亦不妨在公司多放一對襪以應付下雨天
2. 除鞋後,鞋內放入備長炭或除臭吸濕包
3. 每天回家後立即以肥皂徹底洗腳及泡腳,然後擦乾雙腳
4. 如整天待在家,一天內以肥皂洗腳3-4次,然後擦乾雙腳
5. 改善濕熱體質,適量食用清熱祛濕食物例如薏米、赤小豆、綠豆、苦瓜等
6. 保持雙腳乾爽, 有助殺菌祛濕


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Get rid of smelly feet
“It was raining cats and dogs, and when I went back to the office, removed my shoes, I realized I have smelly feet. I don’t even dare to leave my seat after that! Do I have Athlete’s foot?”

CheckCheckCin: Having smelly feet does not mean you have Athlete’s foot. Athlete’s foot is a type of fungal infection that affects the feet, and symptoms include itchy feet, peeling on the feet, pain, and blisters. It is, however, quite common to have smelly feet because we have many sweat glands on our feet, as they sweat as much as our armpits.

Likewise, the sweat from our feet does not give out a bad odor. The odor actually comes from the bacteria and mold that multiply on our feet and break down the protein molecules of the skin.

From the perspective of Chinese Medicine, people with a damp heat body constitution are more prone to develop smelly feet. The yellow sweat stains they produce carry a bad odor. Individuals with more severe conditions should consult registered and licensed Chinese medicine practitioner.

How to get rid of smelly feet:
1. Wear shoes with good ventilation, 100% cotton socks; put a pair of spare socks in the office just in case your socks get wet in the rain.
2. Put charcoal bags or deodorizer into the shoes when you are not wearing them.
3. Wash and submerge your feet in soap water every day when you get home; remember to wipe them dry after that.
4. If you are home all day, wash your feet with soap 3-4 times each day; remember to dry them after that.
5. Improve the damp heat body constitution by eat ingredients such as barley, adzuki bean, mung bean, and bitter gourd, as they can clear heat and dispel dampness from the body.
6. Keep your feet dry and comfortable all the time, as it can prevent bacterial growth and moisture from accumulating around the feet.

Mugwort leaf foot bath
Effects: Dispels cold, disinfects and dispels dampness, improves blood circulation.
Ingredients: small bunch of mugwort leaf
Preparation: tear leaf into small pieces and place into basin. Add in small amount of hot water to let leaf open up. Then add in room temperature until water is at about 40 degrees. Soak for 5-10 minutes.

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