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似是甚麼也不理的爸爸類型,其實並不代表對子女漠不關心,不過他只是在家中不問世事,讓媽媽來做決策人,是從旁觀察協助的爸爸!其實家中的一切他都看在眼內,知道有需要會適時出手協助,是家庭中的Iron Man!




What type of dad do you have?
Dad is an important pillar of the family. The traditional image of a father is someone shy and introverted, but that’s quite different from reality. If you ask around to see what type of father people have, you might get interesting varying answers. Dads should keep a calm and balanced mind to keep qi and blood flowing well to have good health.

The intimidating father
He has a poker face and has a lot of opinions on child discipline. He set many guidelines for the family when you were young. His face is serious and rarely smile. Although he seldom talks deeply with his children, he tries his best to protect children.

The indifferent father
It seems like he cares about nothing from the surface. But he is actually very caring and allows the mother to make all the decisions. His role is to support and help as needed. When asked, he can become Iron Man for his family!

The considerate father
He is more mom-like than your mother. Since you were a child, he has taken care of all the housework such as changing diapers, preparing the milk, burping baby, cooking, cleaning.
He cares about you a lot and is asking checking to see if you are happy at school. When you were a child, you would seek his comfort after you got hurt. When you grow up, you would seek his advice whenever you had a relationship issue. He is a daughter’s favorite dad.

The playful father
He thinks he is just one of the kids and hit it off easily with them. He does not have strict rules for his children except to always have fun. to His goal is playing online games and football with his children. It seems like mom has to take care of two children at the same time.

The workaholic father
Work keeps him very busy so he may have missed important days such as the first day of school, sports day, school trips, graduation. Even though he does not spend a lot of time with the family, but he works hard to provide for the family. Try to be considerate to him and give him a massage and a cup of hot tea when he gets back!

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