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Chinese medicine believes that postpartum women are prone to asthenia and stasis and their bodies can easily be affected by pathogenic wind. Therefore, touching cold water or exposure to cold air can cause the body to become cold and affect overall recovery. However, its important to consider in the old days, bathroom facilities are vastly different from what we have now- there was not enough hot water supply for baths, the bathroom may have been outdoors, etc. All of which does make it easier to catch cold and become sick so it was recommended that postpartum women do not wash their hair or take baths during the confinement recovery period. The modern facilities are well equipped, and there’s access to heaters and hair dryers. As long as you ensure your body and hair fully dry before stepping out of the bathroom, you do not even need to use ginger water to wash your hair.
If you do get sick or weakened after exposure to cold and wind, especially due to infant care at night, you can use ginger water to take a bath. In addition, use hot water that’s been cooked with raw ginger for 30 minutes to wash your hair, and that relieve and prevent headaches. Be very careful to ensure your hair is fully dry after washing!
▶︎▶︎Ginger water for baths, hair washing and feet soaking:
➽Ingredients: raw ginger or old ginger with skin- 10-15 slices
➽Preparation: Rinse ginger thoroughly. Combine with 600ml of water in a pot and cook on high heat until boiling. Then turn to low heat and simmer for 30 minutes. When showering, bathing, hair washing or feet soaking, add in warm water as appropriate.
➽Effects: Dispels cold to keep warm. Relieves headaches after wind exposure and postpartum muscle sore.

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