December 4, 2017


#周身痕 Blue Monday




第三位:塊面好 dry,塗補濕後仍然乾燥 ,「乾」物女之育成。



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The weather has been quite unstable- sometimes cool and sometimes warm, switching between dry and humid, which makes people prone to illness. Your skin may not be adjusting well and itching like mad. During this annoying seasonal change, find out which level of skin itch you are at and take care of it!

5th place: your skin is very tight all over and cracking in certain spots, quite irritating!
> try applying some natural sweet almond oil on your body after a shower before you are dry.

4th place: your nasal allergies are acting up and you’ve rubbed your nose until they’re red and peeling. You’ve become Rudolph before Christmas even arrived!
> be gentle when rubbing your nose, use softer tissue to prevent hurting your nose lining and redness.

3rd place: your face is very dry and applying moisturizer doesn’t make it better.
> try using fresh aloe as mask to keep moisture in your facial skin.

2nd place: on top of surface dry skin, you also have enlarged pores which adds years to your look!
> do not use large crystals to exfoliate during this time as it could damage your already sensitive skin. Try putting natural yogurt with honey in the enlarged pores for 5-10 minutes.

1st place: your skin is so allergic and itchy that you have red blotches all over your face. Some times a light scratch would cause skin to break and bleed, let alone applying make up!
> cook 20g of Chinese dittany bark with water and drink it or try our itchy skin healing tea.



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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.