December 5, 2017




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Can’t beat the itch?
Itch can be quite unbearable. No matter how tolerant you can be with pain, heat, cold, itch has a way to get you- leaving you restless and unable to focus on anything else. How can you properly prevent itchy skin? Or when it attacks, how can you make it go away?
– Distract yourself when the itch starts or gently slap the itch spot- just don’t let yourself scratch.
– Wear clothing that is made with cotton or that is smooth
– Hydrate regularly
– Apply moisturizer without additives after your shower and in the morning
– Choose natural cleansing products such as cold-pressed soap so that your skin won’t be sucked dry during cleaning
– Sleep in cooler room to avoid itch to start due to heat
– Hot compress itchy spots
– Stay up late
– Wear wool-made clothes that irritates the skin
– Take long showers that are too hot
– Eat stimulating things like alcohol and spicy food



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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.