July 18, 2017



✔ 適量進食清熱祛濕食物如粟米鬚、菊花、雞蛋花
✔ 使用清爽性質的無添加洗髮液
✔ 多梳頭增加血液循環

A lot of factors can cause hair loss and it may not be always caused by asthenic kidney. Damp heat is another common cause of hair loss. A lot of men like greasy heavy foods and when the spleen and stomach are hot and damp and not functioning as needed, the dampness and heat will travel upwards to top of head affecting blood circulation in the head. This condition is usually accompanied by excessive hair oil, and other damp heat symptoms such as abdominal bloating, fatigue and difficulty passing stool. To improve hair loss due to damp heat, try eating more rice beans and coix seeds to clear heat and dispel dampness and also work on improving lifestyle.

✔ Appropriately consume foods that can clear heat and dispel dampness, such as corn silk, chrysanthemum, and plumeria
✔ Use shampoo that is fresh and cool in nature without additives
✔ Comb hair often to improve blood circulation
✗Avoid greasy and heavy food like deep fried foods
✗Avoid cold and raw foods

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