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Healing effects of different types of ginger

You probably just think of warmth when it comes to ginger. But actually, ginger of different ‘ages’ have different taste, effects and nature. Aside from the usual ginger you see, there is also small turmeric which is a type of raw ginger. They are darker in color and have a stronger flavor, a lot of people like to make ginger tea with that.

Tender ginger- this ginger’s skin is still quite white. Those with hint of purplish red skin will be spicier and juicier. Has healing effect of stimulating appetite, helps to promote fluid circulation and reduce water retention. They are slightly warm in nature and usually pickled in the summer time as an appetitive.

Raw ginger- this is the most common type of ginger and it’s slightly more aged than tender ginger. It can warm the stomach and relieve vomiting, promote perspiration and dispel cold. Helps to relieve cold-wind flu, weak and asthenic spleen and stomach, and warm the uterus. The ginger skin can promote diuresis and relieve water retention.

Aged ginger- this ginger is harvested after its been aged. The meat has more fiber and the skin is darker brown in color. The older the ginger the spicier it is and it is hot in nature. It has a stronger effect to dispel cold and helps to increase body temperature and metabolism.

Ginger mother- if you let aged ginger continue to grow without harvesting, new ginger root will grow on the side of it and this is now a ginger mother. Ginger mother is warm in nature, can also dispel wind and cold. It is especially suitable for relieving menstrual pain and promotes blood circulation to relieve bruising. It is commonly used in Taiwan as a way to regulate menstruation.



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