July 10, 2017




Going to work is like entering a pressure cooker?
Did you think people only get acne during puberty? A lot of people actually only have serious acne problems after they have started working. The reason for it is stress and the higher the stress, the worse the acne. In Chinese medicine theory, when someone is nervous or depressed, it causes stagnation of liver qi which in time becomes heat in body leading to appearance of acne. Patients have mentioned that the chances of having pimples are higher on Mondays! So how can you leave this Monday pressure acne cooker? First you have to try to relax. When faced with tight deadlines and stressful situations, reduce the amount of hot or tonic foods such as ginger tea, fish maw, red dates, and ginseng. After late nights, have some American ginseng tea and try to sleep early again. Doing appropriate exercises that help you sweat can also relieve stress. If there are more serious acne issues, it is usually accompanied by headaches, eye discharge, ringing in ears, and bitterness in taste. In this case, try clearing the liver heat.
Tea remedy to clear liver heat
Ingredients: 6g prunellu vulgaris, 3g chrysanthemum, honey to taste
Preparation: Place all ingredients except honey into thermos, add in hot water to rinse and pour out. Then add in hot water again and steep for 5-10 minutes, add in honey when water cools to warm temperature. This tea can be re-brewed until its flavor weakens. For best results, drink it for 2-3 days each week and each treatment cycle is two weeks.

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