August 22, 2017




✔ 適量進食粗糧如小米、蕃薯、米飯等
✔ 覺得胃口欠佳時不妨吃暖和易消化的食物
✔ 依時進食,讓脾胃適時運作
✔ 每天飲米水
✔ 可選擇少食多餐,減少正餐份量
How do you strengthen your spleen and stomach?
It’s been so hot and it’s natural to want to eat more cold things. Aside from desserts and cold drinks, cold noodles, sushi and salad might have become majority of people’s food intake. Eating these cold foods definitely can bring temporary relieve to the heat, but the short term cool down can slowly add to the burden of the spleen and stomach leading to accumulation of dampness. If you like cold drinks and have been consuming a lot of cold and raw foods, you may experience fatigue and decrease in appetite recently. In addition, you may also experience edema and diarrhea. These are signs that your spleen and stomach are damaged and it’s time to improve your dietary habits.
Tips to strengthen your spleen and stomach:
✔ appropriately consume coarse grain like millet, sweet potato, and rice
✔ when you don’t have any appetite, try eating warm foods that are easy to digest
✔eat regularly to ensure your spleen and stomach can function accordingly
✔ have a cup of rice water daily
✔ try having more meals but less each meal
✔ reduce the amount of cold and raw foods and cold drinks
✔ reduce greasy and sweet foods intake

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