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肉類 – 宜吃屬性平和或偏涼的肉類

蔬菜類 – 滑潺潺類食材一般有潤燥功效;避免辛辣發散之物

水果類 – 宜吃口味偏甘酸的水果,滋潤生津;避免屬性溫熱的水果

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What should you eat during autumn?

We enjoy the autumn breeze, but when exposed to it, we would also feel dryness in our eyes, lips, and skin. Chinese Medicine theories believe such dryness can turn into a pathogenic factor as dryness can exhaust the fluid in our body. Our bodies will lose moisture and become heaty and dehydrated. This condition is known as “autumn dryness” in Mandarin.

To take care of our general health during autumn, we should reduce autumn dryness impact on our bodies. We should consume an appropriate amount of ingredients that are cooling and have moisturizing properties and avoid consuming dry and heaty food. Eating the right food can replenish the fluid in our bodies.

Meat – eat meats that are neutral or cooler in nature
✔️duck, pork, black-boned chicken, quail, Chinese francolin, fish
✖️chicken, beef, lamb

Vegetables – slimy vegetables can moisten the dryness of the body; avoid the hot, spicy, and wind-stimulating ones
✔️okra, black fungus, Chinese yam, lotus root, snow fungus, kelp, mushroom
✖️ginger, spring onion, garlic, chili, chive, cilantro, onion

Fruits – consume sweet and sour fruits to induce salivation; avoid fruits that are warm in nature
✔️pear, orange, citrus, lemon, pomelo, grape, pomegranate, strawberry
✖️mango, peach, longan

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