June 5, 2017




1. 穿保暖衣物
2. 辦公室或袋子裡常備圍巾一條
3. 避開風口位置,室溫不要過低。
4. 一日一杯米水、多吃熱的飲食,少吃寒涼飲食物。

材料:乾紫蘇葉 1片、生薑2片、檸檬 2片、適量蜂蜜
做法:乾紫蘇葉放入保溫瓶內,加入沸水沖洗一遍。薑片先用刀拍一下,於檸檬一起加入保溫瓶。再加入沸水焗十分鐘, 調入蜂蜜即可。

How to protect yang qi in air-conditioned environments?
Chinese medicine believes the reason for strong aversion cold is usually due to lack of yang qi in the body. Yang qi is like a little heater in the body, when it is cold, the heater will naturally use more fuel to keep warm, and this is when yang qi is easily consumed. Cold limbs are also a result of lack of yang qi and difficulty in reaching the extremities of the body. It is important to protect yang qi to keep warm.
Tips to protect your yang qi and prevent unnecessary usage in air-conditioned environments:
1. Wear additional layers to keep warm
2. Keep a scarf in your bag or in the office
3. Avoid seats directly near the air vent, and set thermostat at reasonable temperature
4. Have a cup of rice water a day, have more hot foods and drinks and avoid cold foods and drinks.
Perilla leaf lemon ginger drink
Effects: Dispels cold to keep warm
Ingredients: 3 dried perilla leaves, 2 slices of raw ginger, 2 slices of lemon, honey to taste
Preparation, Place dried perilla leaves into thermos and rinse with hot water then dispose the water. Give the ginger slices a strong pat with your knife and place ginger and lemon into thermos. Add hot water and steep for 10 minutes, then add honey to taste.

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