October 3, 2022



1. 挑走蟹心

2. 節制份量

3. 必備紫蘇葉、薑、醋

4. 喝杯薑茶/炒米水


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Tips when eating hairy crabs

As we are approaching the golden autumn, foodies will immediately think of hairy crab’s tomalley (or crab fats)! Hairy crabs are the most fertile during autumn and winter, and their body will be filled with mouth-watering crab fats.

Nonetheless, hairy crabs are cold in nature and might cause ‘poisoning’. The so-called ‘poisoning’ is associated with individuals who develop symptoms like vomiting, diarrhea, stomach upset, and other gastrointestinal problems after consuming hairy crabs that are cold in nature.

Take note of these four points below, as they can help reduce the discomfort after consuming hairy crabs.

1. Remove the heart
Chinese Medicine believes hairy crab is cold in nature, and its hexagonal heart is exceptionally cold. Remember to remove it before consuming the crab. The heart is hidden in the thickest part of the crab fats. Also, remove the gills, intestines, and stomach before eating the crab.

2. Control the intake of hairy crab
Hairy crab can clear heat and stasis and promote the circulation of the Meridians, but since they are cold in nature, individuals would experience diarrhea easily. Those with a cold and weak body constitution, cold limbs, and a cold and weak spleen and stomach, as well as pregnant women, mothers during confinement, and women on period should avoid eating it.
You should limit to 1-2 crabs each time and combining with light dishes.

3. Perilla leaf, ginger, and vinegar are a must
To reduce hairy crab’s cold nature, add perilla leaves into the water and on top of the crab when steaming. Perilla leaves are warm in nature, can dispel cold, improve qi circulation, strengthen the stomach, eliminate the ‘toxins’ from the fish and crab, and promote prenatal care. Consume the hairy grab with ginger and vinegar to dispel cold from the body.

4. Drink a cup of ginger tea/fried rice water
Drinking a cup of ginger tea or fried rice water after eating the hairy crab can help warm the stomach and dispel cold from the body. Add perilla leaves into the tea can help also clear the ‘toxins’ from the fish and crab.

Ginger tea with perilla leaf and brown sugar
Effects: warms the stomach, dispels cold and stops vomiting. Not suitable for those with a heaty body.
Ingredients: 9g perilla leaf, 5-6 pieces of raw ginger, brown sugar to taste
Preparation: Rinse all ingredients thoroughly. Boil perilla leaf and ginger with 800ml of water for 30 minutes. Add in brown sugar.

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