October 10, 2018




羅漢果 — 性寒味甘,具解暑清肺、化痰止咳、潤腸通便功效,適合風熱型感冒引起的咳嗽、喉嚨痛,亦適合熬夜、煙酒過多、飲食過度而導致的喉嚨痛、扁桃腺發炎、失聲及便秘等症狀。但要注意風寒感冒、咳嗽及脾胃虛寒不宜多服。

Monk fruit to clear heat, relieve cough and phlegm
The type of monk fruit we have seen as kids are dark brown, and recently golden yellow ones have become popular with pricing that are a few times higher. Are these different species? They are actually processed differently. The traditional ones are baked so they are darker in colour and may have a toasted flavour. Recently the golden ones that processed and dehydrated at a low temperature to remove the water. This low temperature process can better preserve nutrients of monk fruit with a sweet flavour and that is also why it is more expensive.
Monk fruit: cold in nature with a sweet flavour, helps to relieve summer heat and clears lung, relieve phlegm and cough, moisten intestine and relieve constipation. Suitable for those with hot-wind related cough, sore throat, as well as night owls, those who drink and smoke, over-eating related sore throat, tonsillitis, loss of voice and constipation. Note that those with cold-wind related flu, cough and those with asthenic weak spleen and stomach should not consume.

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© 2023 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.