March 14, 2017





⚇Are you sure you were born with your panda eyes? ⚇First of all, do you have the habit of sleeping and waking up early? From a Chinese medicine perspective, staying up late will impair yin, and hurt your liver and kidney, and the main reason for dark eyes is hepatic blood deficiency. Since ‘liver opens up to the eyes’, people with blood stasis are prone to poor liver blood circulation, and when the blood retains for awhile, it becomes a bruise which forms the black eyes. In addition, it can also make your complexion dull and edge of your lips can darken. To say good bye to dark eye circles, first say goodbye to late nights and you can also try this tea remedy.
▶︎Bye Bye Panda Eyes Tea Remedy:
Ingredients: Chinese Hawthorn, Roselle, Brown Sugar
Instructions: Rinse all ingredients thoroughly with hot water and place into a thermos. Add hot water and steep for 5 minutes, then add in brown sugar. Tea can be rebrewed until flavour weakens. You can drink this tea four times in a week.
Note: Chinese Hawthorn is sour, so its not suitable to drink this tea with empty stomach. Those with stomach discomfort, who are pregnant or menstruating are not suitable to drink this tea.

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.